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L.O.M. is more then just a company for artists, it’s a company for the people. L.O.M. is proud to announce “The Land Of Misfits” Mix-Tape series that’s accompanied by many both major and local artists of all regions around the globe. Founder of L.O.M. “Outlawed Misfit313 A.K.A. MidWest Choppa Vlad The Impaler” has brought “his connections to the front line” Vacant Lot Records fused with SoRaspy.com & the Detroit underground element to create a brand that’s toppling the music industry. Outlawed Misfit313 is a member of Vacant Lot Records and co-sign with Thug Life along with the long list of affiliates that are involved in the empire and many projects available and yet to come! Multi-Platinum Producer Dame Grease & Jason Mantez are working side to side with Outlawed Misfit313 to guarantee tracks to be completed. You can only imagine we are not a closed circle; we are always growing, and networking, and looking to build with you, the future of the music industry. We are providing all new exclusives along with promotional packages, production, high profiled artists and more, and all on your budget. Please feel free to take a stroll to our media page where you will find both major and Indi artists with their latest hits! Be the first to know what’s going down on our News page. Thank you for stopping in and enjoy!!! -L.O.M.

Outlawed Misfit313

Outlawed Misfit313 is a recording artist, producer and composer hailing from Detroit. After experiencing a rough upbringing, he began recording music at just 12 years old with two Sony Walkman players a analog mixing board and a old karaoke microphone as a therapeutic way to escape his harsh reality. Eventually, he created his stage name Outlawed Misfit313, a nickname that was given to him in the streets of Detroit and coincidentally fit his lyrical and spiritual infusion of different genres and his unique wordplay.

Today, Outlawed Misfit313’s music is ranging from rap and hip-hop to EDM and dubstep.

“I love to do what’s never been done or thought to be possible,” he said of his music.

Outlawed Misfit313 continues to use inspiration from his own life to fuel his music, and he cites his main musical influences as the rare artists who changed the music industry with just their creativity and a pen, including 2Pac (Tupac Shakur) & The Outlawz, Michael Jackson, George Clinton, Dr. Dre, DMX, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Big L, Slick Rick, and Eazy E.

Outlawed Misfit313’s music is incomparable to other music out there, as he has lived a life typically only seen in movies. The amount of dedication he puts into each and every lyric of his songs truly sets him apart from the rest. He has worked on beats from Dr. Dre himself, Dame Grease, The Detroit Pioneer D.J Los, Niamson, Castro_BigDog to name the least, and has played residencies in countless clubs across the U.S.

In 2008, he was signed to the Hyped International Records family and was named CEO shortly after. In 2008-2009, he got his first major record deal with the legendary Westbound Records that released his first album “I Want In”. The following, year he received a nomination for Outstanding Hip-Hop MC at the Detroit Music Awards, and received two additional nominations in the same category in 2010 and 2011. In 2010, he was signed to 2Pac’s Outlawz faction “New Outlaw Order”. On January 1st, 2015 he signed to Vacant Lot Records and created a sub-label “itsLOM” (www.itsLOM.com). He is still currently under Vacant Lot records.

In addition to music, he’s helped build children’s centers in his area to help children in need.

In the future, Outlawed Misfit313 hopes to open more children’s centers around the country and expand his career by doing more interviews, shows and tours around the globe.