This is not just an artist website, but YOUR PLUG to multi-platinum producers, artists, composers, and much more. We provide a variety of services to you such as HD Mastering, Artist Compilations, and Promotions. We are all united and lighted as 1, and we look forward to networking with you!

(Land Of Misfits)

     LOM is proud to present www.itsLOM.com your outlet to the industry, Outlawed Misfit313 & the LOM family are working hard to bring you all the RIGHT services that go above and beyond the average. Outlawed Misfit313, a proud artist/producer out of “Thug Life”, has gone out on his own to create and bring you the real music from the past and future as well as our platinum services! Our affiliates consist of multi-platinum producers Dame Grease, Niamson, Castro_BigDog, and the Detroit Pioneer Dj Los. The lead promoter, Jinx (Jinx Promotions) is working hard on promotional packages and one on one artist/band promotion. A&R representative Jason Jayson (Jason Mantez) works one on one with upcoming artists as well as your direct line to SORASPY.COM. LOM also provides HD mastering services. For more information on HD mastering services, please visit our Services page!



Welcome and enjoy!